Changing Svaneti
Svaneti has always been a tough and hard-to-reach region, living according to medieval traditions and with a reputation of a crime's nest. However, it was this very remoteness that has helped the region maintain the traditional lifestyle and culture. In the 21st century, Svaneti remained a living ethnographic museum.

But the situation began to change when Georgian government started to promote tourism in the region. A few years ago they started investing into Svaneti's development as a ski resort. Within two years Mestia, region's main town and Svaneti's face, has changed from being a place known mainly for its medieval defense towers, to a construction site for modern buildings.

While these changes will be economically beneficial for the region's wellbeing, it is also natural to expect that the abrupt development of tourism will change the local day-to-day life. This, in turn, may result in a cultural loss.