Roma of Georgia
During the last half a century the Roma have been stigmatized in Georgia. Here, at best, they are associated with street sellers, beggars, fortunetellers, that is people, who bother you, while you’re walking in the street. In a worse case - they are thought as thieves and swindlers.

This stereotypes are not completely groundless: most Roma communities in Georgia are low-income, low-educated, which often results in begging and fortunetelling for women and children, and non-prestigious jobs for men. The crime rate is also something to consider, but it’s not higher than in any other low-income Georgian societies.

However, the majority of Georgians would rather attribute Roma’s lifestyle mostly to their culture, rather than poor social environment. In other words, many think that the Roma steal, beg and swindle because it is in their culture, and not due to the lack of choice.