Vashlovani National Park
In the most eastern part of Georgia, right on the border with Azerbaijan, the scenery changes from the lush green hills and vineyards so characteristic of Kakheti to the arid steppe moonscapes of Vashlovani National Park.

Vashlovani state reserve was created in 1935. Years later in April 2003 the Strict Nature Reserve area was expanded to 85 square kilometres and the larger Vashlovani National Park, encompassing some 250 square kilometres, was established around it. The Strict Nature Reserve is closed to visitors. Only park staff and scientists are allowed access to this area.

Accidentally, for centuries the area has been inhabited by shepherds, who migrate from the mountains during the winter. As predators, like wolves and bears, are attracted by herds of sheep, the presence of the latter in and around the park is the source of the human-wildlife conflict, which to the present day has not been addressed.